Struggling With Dehydration? Try these Ways to Hydrate Your Diet

We all drink water, some may drink less and some may overcompensate, but it is very much a part of each of our meals. But we also lose water through sweating, or through urination, and it is also used in various body processes of our body. When we don’t replace this used-up water, the body experiences a lack of water in the body which is termed dehydration.

Dehydration can cause various issues such as constipation, dizziness, blurry vision, and even severe issues such as kidney failure, seizures, and even cause swellings in your brain.

The consequences of long-term dehydration are extremely severe, but there is a simple way out of it, which is drinking enough water!

But we humans are funny in a way because even if we know all well about the benefits of drinking water and the consequences that we may have to face due to lack of it, it is hard for us to drink water.

Hence, we have compiled a list of some quirky ways that can make drinking water more interesting or offer a different route to your daily water intake.

1. Drink Water in Utensils or Bottles that are Visually Interesting

We all know that drinking water from plain old glass or generic water bottles can be boring. You can shake things up a little by changing the glass, if you can drink water in a fancy glass, make-believe that you are drinking the finest white wine in your collection. There are different sets of bottles available which offer visual cues to how much water you need to drink. Sometimes, having an interesting bottle of water may make you want to drink more water. Treat it like a game, and it will become more fun with time. I personally like to stock up a wine glass with ice-cubes and sip the water slowly, taking my own time as the water melts.

2. Make your Water More Delightful to Drink

We have been taught that water is mostly tasteless, and we humans have taste buds that crave things that can tickle them. So it is no surprise that water is not our most frequent drink, but we can change that with a few tweaks that will make your water tastier and healthier.

The greatest thing about water is that it is a great diluter for many food items so we can infuse water with different kinds of nutrition-rich food items that we want to have.

People who want to add vitamin C to their water add lime, lemon, and orange juice to water. Lemon-infused water is especially recommended for losing weight, aiding digestion, and for clearer skin. Ginger can also be added to your water to boost immunity along with offering your body hydration. Mint leaves, and tulsi (Holy basil) leaves can also be added to water for adding taste as well as increasing its immunity-boosting capacity. Cucumber slices can also be added to your water to get some soothing relief on hot summer days.

3. Eat Your Water Through Water-Rich Food Items:

If you are not a fan of drinking your water, you can try eating food items that have high water content, mostly fruits such as watermelon fall in this category. But almost every type of fruit has some amount of water in it, so it won’t be a bad idea to add more fruits to your diet to increase the amount of water in your body. Ideally, vegetables also give us water, but the problem is the fact that we often cook the vegetables which results in the loss of most of its water content. So when it comes to increased water content in your body, eating raw fruits proves to be a better choice!

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